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Event: Leadership Institute for Math PD - sponsored by NSF

Sep 13, 2005
Sep 16, 2005

Denver, CO

Mathematics Professional Development Leaders

No one questions the need for high quality mathematics professional
development. The quality of that professional development depends on the
preparation of its leaders. How are leaders being prepared to take on this
important and challenging work? A project funded by NSF, Leadership
Curriculum for Mathematics Professional Development (LCMPD), is taking on
this challenge. They have prepared videocases that engage mathematics PD
leaders in examining PD practices. Through these videocases leaders have
opportunities to identify key issues and develop a repertoire of approaches
and strategies for addressing these, weighing the affordances and drawbacks
of various facilitator moves in different situations. LCMPD is sponsoring a
leadership institute September 13-16 in Denver. For more information click on the link below.


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Jun 1, 2005

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