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Event: Public Information Resources, Inc. - Diverse Minds & Brains: Understanding Brain Differences to Teach and Reach ALL Learners

Nov 16, 2012
8:30 AM
Nov 18, 2012
5:00 PM

Boston, Massachusetts

Explore These Topics with Eminent Researchers: How Experiences, Education, Parenting and Culture Shape Brains, Learners and Disorders, Effects of Homes/Schools on Brain Development, How Education and Brain Differences Shape Cognitive Abilities, Why Brain Differences Affect Learning and Life Outcomes, Ways Parents, Teachers and Culture Can Change the Brain, Strategies for Teaching Diverse, At-Risk Students/Classrooms, Effects of Early Environment and Adversity on Developing Brains, Using Brain Strengths and Differentiation to Reach All Learners, Understanding Brain Differences in Reading, Math and Memory, How Brain Flaws, Differences and Miswiring Lead to Disorders, Strategies for Helping Student with Learning Problems, and Ways Learning is Influenced by Maturation and Sex Differences.


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Jun 5, 2012

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