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Event: Foundations and Frontiers in Physics Education Research

Aug 15, 2005
Aug 19, 2005

Bar Harbor, Maine

Foundations and Frontiers in Physics Education Research is a new conference venue for specialists who are active researchers in the field of physics education. This week-long residential intensive meeting will provide a forum for examining and articulating the current state of the field, exploring future directions, and discussing ways to pursue the most promising avenues for future research.

The conference features a series of plenary lectures given by established and emerging leaders in PER. Each will address the theme of Foundations and Frontiers by synthesizing major accomplishments in the field and/or speculating on the directions they consider especially important and promising. Afternoons will be devoted to unscheduled time for informal discussions. Evening sessions will include working groups on subjects of community-wide interest, topical groups for specific research issues, and a contributed poster session. The goal of the conference is to foster the type of direct and intense discussion possible in a small residential meeting of specialists.


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May 11, 2005

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