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Event: MSP Evaluation Summit: Evidence-Based Findings from MSPs

Sep 15, 2005
Sep 16, 2005

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Radisson Hotel
Metrodome, 615 Washington Avenue S. E.

PIs, Project Evaluators, and RETA Researchers

Sponsored by the Adding Value to the Mathematics and Science Partnerships Evaluations (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Consortium for Building Evaluation Capacity (Utah State University)
Evidence-based design, decision-making, and outcomes of the MSPs

The two-day conference will be organized into four plenary sessions and 20 paper-reporting sessions related to the research or evaluation of an MSP. The paper sessions will be organized around five major themes: student learning and participation, teacher change, institutes of higher education, evidence-based design, and partnerships. The specifics of these topics will be elicited from the MSP researchers and evaluators. Each session will include discussants who are responsible for reacting to and critiquing the papers.

With input from MSP evaluators, the five major themes have been expanded. Papers on findings related to changes in K-12 institutions are sought. Project evaluators, PIs, and RETA researchers are encouraged to propose papers on evidenced-based methodology (measurement of sustainability, assessing student achievement when there are large dropout rates, effective use of case study, etc.). Also, areas of high interest include findings related to changes in teaching practice and teacher professional development including papers on the newly funded institutes. Cross-site analyses and building knowledge using evidence from multiple sites are of interest. Participation of STEM faculty and staff would strengthen the dialogue at the conference. We encourage STEM faculty and staff to attend the Summit and to be presenters or co-presenters.

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May 4, 2005

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