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Event: Center for Mathematics Education Conference

Sep 25, 2008
Sep 27, 2008

Washington, DC

Leaders in high school and collegiate mathematics education

The Future of High School Mathematics: New Priorities and Promising Innovations Concern about the condition of school mathematics has been expressed with renewed urgency in many recent advisory reports and policy recommendations. As a result, national attention is once again focused on questions about curriculum, teaching, and assessment in high school mathematics and on the challenges of teacher professional development required to achieve improved results. To address these timely questions and to showcase progressive ideas about curriculum, teaching, assessment, and technology in high school mathematics, the Center for Mathematics Education at the University of Maryland, along with "Math Is More" and a group of progressive curriculum development projects, will host a conference of leaders in high school and collegiate mathematics education to be held in Washington, DC on September 25-27, 2008. The conference will include presentations and examples of promising innovations produced by extensive research and development programs, and it will provide a forum for shaping the national, state, and local policy debates about appropriate directions for progress in high school mathematics. The target audience includes high school mathematics teachers, leaders of state and local mathematics programs, mathematics teacher educators, collegiate mathematics faculty with special interest in curriculum 9 -14, developers and publishers of high school mathematics curriculum materials and tests, as well as other STEM professionals, government, and foundation officials with policy responsibilities/interests related to school mathematics.


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Jun 26, 2008

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