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Event: ATLAST Workshop on Science Teacher Assessment

Apr 21, 2005
8:30 AM Eastern
Apr 22, 2005
3:00 PM Eastern

Chapel Hill, NC

MSP PIs and Evaluators

This two-day workshop in Chapel Hill, NC will introduce MSP PIs and evaluators to the set of instruments being created by ATLAST, but will focus heavily on procedures ATLAST has used for writing and revising multiple choice teacher assessment items. ATLAST is currently generating a pool of teacher assessment items in earth science (specifically plate tectonics and resulting features and events) and life science (specifically the flow of matter and energy in living systems). Toward this end, more than half of the workshop will be devoted to participants collaboratively creating, critiquing, and revising multiple choice teacher assessment items. Participants will need to have a good grasp of one of the content areas in order to participate in the workshop.

There is no charge for the workshop, and ATLAST will cover all costs associated with participants' travel. Workshop space is limited to 30 participants. To apply for the workshop, visit the Meetings section of the ATLAST web site ( For more information, contact Sean Smith at or 919-489-1725.


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Feb 4, 2005

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