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Event: NSTA National Conference in Boston-2008

Mar 27, 2008
Mar 30, 2008

Boston, MA

Science Educators

"The conference theme is "Science: Bridge to the Future." The program will focus on four strands of current significance:

Using and Abusing Data
Everyone uses data in one way or another. Data can used to solve a problem but can also be used to distort and abuse information. Used as a tool in science education, data must support student learning. If used properly, data may highlight strengths in student learning, uncover inequities in programs, improve instruction, and improve assessment.

Sharpening the Edge in Science
It has been said that science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education will help our students become competitive in a global economy. This strand will focus on such questions as: How competitive are our students? How flat is our world? Are our students keeping up with others? Are we preparing students for careers in science? Who are we leaving behind?

Cutting-Edge Research: Foundation for the Future
The world of the future will be built on the science and technology research of today. This strand will explore such areas of research as the biomedical sciences, oceans, robotics, nanotechnology, and astrophysics. Sessions will provide opportunities to learn about research in these areas and how to bring this information to your students.

Instructional Technology: Research and Applications for the Science Classroom
The dynamic global environment mandates the appropriate use of technology to advance the art and science of teaching, learning, and educational leadership. Used as an instructional tool, technology can engage, motivate, and improve student learning in science. Embedding technology within the curriculum creates a meaningful premise for advancing innovative learning opportunities."


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