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Event: 8th Science in Savannah Symposium, Exploring the Global Impact of Improving STEM Education

Feb 28, 2008
8:00 AM Eastern
Feb 29, 2008
1:00 PM Eastern

Savannah, GA

K-16 STEM Educators, MSP participants, Business/Education partnership leaders

On February 28-29, 2008, Armstrong Atlantic State University will host its 8th Science in Savannah Symposium, Exploring the Global Impact of Improving Science and Mathematics Education, to share the impact of projects and activities implemented by MSP partnerships between higher education, K-12 school districts, businesses, and industry, especially to improve K-16 student learning. All MSP higher education faculty and K-12 educators are invited to actively contribute to the program. Proposals are currently being accepted for the following presentation sessions (deadline November 16, 2007):

  1. Evidence of Change: Classroom Impact of the NSF's Math Science Partnerships

  2. Connecting Content to the Classroom: Effective K-12 Professional Development through Collaborations with Higher Education

  3. The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for K-16 Science and Mathematics

  4. Engaging Students through MSP Supported Inquiry-based Teaching and Learning
Please find the Call for Proposals and registration information at the conference website, (link below) or contact Sabrina Hessinger, Co-Principal Investigator for the Partnership for Reform in Science and Mathematics (PRISM),


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Oct 5, 2007

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