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Event: Fifth Semiannual Conference on Adding Value to the Mathematics and Science Partnership Evaluations

Feb 17, 2005
8:00 AM
Feb 18, 2005
4:00 PM

Wisconsin Center for Education Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison

All MSP Projects invited to attend.

The focus of the conference will be on the Review and Critique of Evaluation Plans and Progress including sessions on evaluation models and tools and data-gathering and reporting. Since some evaluators are further along in the evaluation than others, some simultaneous sessions will be offered to meet the needs of more established and newer evaluations. A significant amount of time will be reserved for MSP evaluators to share evaluation concerns and issues and to receive reactions from others. A more detailed conference agenda will be mailed out shortly. This is the fifth in a series of conferences that are held twice a year, the final one will be held in September 2005. These conferences serve as a method for evaluators to meet and share information to improve methods of evaluating the MSPs and to develop useful tools to attribute outcomes to MSP activities.

If you are one of the first fifteen invitees to confirm your attendance at the February 17-18, 2005 conference, your conference fees including the lowest available airfare and two nights accommodation, will be reimbursed. The conference will be held from 8am-4:30pm on February 17 and from 8am-4pm on February 18 to allow time for attendees to fly home that day. To confirm your attendance, please fill out the attached registration form (MS Word). and send it via email to Lynn Lunde,

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Jan 25, 2005

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