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Event: Facilitating and Implementing Online Professional Development

Jan 26, 2005
Apr 13, 2005

Online -- MSP teams are welcome.

Professional development coordinators, teacher leaders, school districts, teacher prep institutions, other organizations that provide professional development for inservice or preservice teachers.

Build your professional development capacity with the program "Facilitating and Implementing Online Professional Development." Good for MSP teams or for individuals who coordinate professional development.

Training for MSP's is planned to begin in January, 2005. Additional training dates may be added upon request. Don't miss out on the opportunity to participate in a cohort with participants from other MSP's from around the country who will be learning together how to incorporate high-quality online workshops focused on math, science and technology content to support and enhance their MSP projects.

* Learn how adding online, "anywhere, anytime" workshops can help your MSP promote NCLB's high quality standards.

* Employ effective "community of learners" approach to professional development. Work within your MSP and interact with other MSPs.

* Prepare teachers to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum.

* Deliver successful online workshops to meet your organization's specific needs.

* Free to MSPs. Graduate credit offered for an additional fee.

This program provides training and resources for sustainable results and wide-scale impact. It offers high-quality content delivered by an expert staff, along with ongoing, individualized support.

Check out our website below for more information.


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