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Event: Online Professional Development Classes

Oct 18, 2004
Dec 10, 2004

Anwhere with an Internet connection

Math and science educators

Last spring our RETA project, based at the EDC Center for Online
Professional Education (COPE), offered two online courses for MSP
participants. Teachers and coaches from across the nation took
advantage of the opportunity, and we have had many requests for
further classes.

In response, we are offering three more online workshops this fall.

*Getting Ready for Algebra by Using Virtual Manipulatives - (For middle and high school teachers)

*Using Technology to Model and Analyze Real Data in the Math Classroom (For middle and high school teachers)

*Finding the Best Educational Resources on the Web (For teachers of all grades and disciplines)

You can find more information and enroll from our website.


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Oct 1, 2004

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