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Event: Facilitator Training Course for Lenses on Learning: Supervision: Focusing on Mathematical Thinking

Jun 25, 2006
6:00 PM Eastern
Jul 7, 2006
9:00 PM Eastern

Boston, MA

Professional Development course for K-8 Principals

Lenses on Learning: Supervision: Focusing on Mathematical Thinking is an
8-session course in which elementary and middle school principals develop the skills necessary to support mathematics teaching and learning through classroom observation and teacher supervision. They will learn to attend to the mathematics content of the lesson, the teacher's work with students' mathematical thinking, and the nature of the intellectual community in the classroom. A special classroom observation guide has been developed to scaffold this learning.

The 2006 Lenses on Learning Supervision Institute (June 25 - July 8) is a residential institute that will prepare 2 person teams to facilitate the course, Lenses on Learning: Supervision: Focusing on Mathematical Thinking. The pedagogical orientation of the institute is aligned with the pedagogy of high quality mathematics classrooms.

Registration for this summer institute for facilitators is limited and is filling up. If you are interested you will need to register promptly. Please visit our website for additional information (see URL below). This site contains information about the content of the institute, dates and times, fees, and application materials. If you have trouble accessing the pages, you can contact us at If you are interested in offering this Lenses course to principals in your area next year, this facilitator training is for you!

Thank you!

From the staff of the 2006 Lenses on Learning Institutes


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Feb 7, 2006

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