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Event: MSP Workshop-Assessment of Student Learning

May 16, 2004
May 18, 2004

Keck Center
The National Academies
500 Fifth Street. NS, Room 100
Washington, DC 20001

Math Science Partnership Awardees
There is no registration fee.

Participants will explore an expanding body of research about assessing student learning, how the implications of research on human learning affect assessment approaches, and how assessment can promote student learning. Education reports from the National Research Council (NRC) ( will serve as the central focus of the sessions with other activities illustrating how the research that is synthesized in our reports can be applied to the work being done by MSPs.

We urge participants to view our entire schedule of workshops for 2004 ( to determine which team members would be most appropriate for each workshop.

Contact: Terry Holmer or e-mail:


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Apr 18, 2004

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