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8/06/15NSF ITEST Solicitation AnnouncementKimberly Descoteaux
12/10/09NSF Job Opening: Program Director for MSP, Robert Noyce, and other DUE programsShay Pokress
2/27/19NSF Job Opportunity: Detail Opportunity to Serve as the Acting Deputy Division Director in DRL EHR (Closes 3/4/19)Kimberly Descoteaux
12/12/16NSF Job Opportunity: Division Director, EHRKimberly Descoteaux
10/18/17NSF Job Opportunity: Program DirectorKimberly Descoteaux
7/24/19NSF Job Opportunity: Science Education Administrator (Program Director)Kimberly Descoteaux
7/25/18NSF Job Opportunity: Science Education Administrator (Program Director)Kimberly Descoteaux
2/11/15NSF Job Opportunity: STEM Education Administrator (Program Director)Kimberly Descoteaux
11/13/18NSF Job Opportunity: Temporary PO Position in STEM Workforce Preparation and DevelopmentKimberly Descoteaux
6/14/19NSF Job Opportunity: Temporary Program Directors in The Division of Research on Learning in Formal and Informal Settings (DRL) (EHR) (Applications Due 7/15/19)Kimberly Descoteaux
9/10/18NSF Job Opportunity: The National Science Foundation's Division of Human Resource Development (HRD) is Seeking Three Rotator Program DirectorsKimberly Descoteaux
11/21/13NSF MSP Data Connections Conference -- April 24-25 -- all expenses coveredKimberly Descoteaux
8/08/12NSF MSP Learning Network Conference 2013Kimberly Descoteaux
4/20/17NSF Noyce Program Webinars April 24 & May 4Kimberly Descoteaux
8/23/11NSF: Permanent and Temporary Program Director Positions AvailableShay Pokress
3/22/17NSF Requests Input on Future Needs for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science and Engineering ResearchKimberly Descoteaux
10/29/08NSF Seeks Nominations for Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science TeachingShay Pokress
8/22/18NSF selects Karen Marrongelle to head its Education and Human Resources DirectorateKimberly Descoteaux
1/14/16NSF's K-12 STEM teacher recognition program seeking panelistsKimberly Descoteaux
8/12/15NSF Solicitation: Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) - 15-593Kimberly Descoteaux
10/10/18NSF Solicitation: Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) - 17-573Kimberly Descoteaux
8/12/15NSF Solicitation: EHR Core Research (ECR) - 15-509Kimberly Descoteaux
10/30/18NSF Solicitation: EHR Core Research (ECR) 19-508Kimberly Descoteaux
10/24/18NSF Solicitation: Improving Undergraduate STEM Education: Education and Human Resources (IUSE: EHR) - 17-590Kimberly Descoteaux
6/19/18NSF Solicitation: Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)Kimberly Descoteaux
7/01/04NSF's OLPA seeks images from the MSPsShay Pokress
1/30/09NSRC National Science Education Leadership Development ForumDavid Marsland
5/13/09NSTA New Science Teacher AcademyShay Pokress
6/13/16OII announces 2016 Investing in Innovation Scale-up and Validation CompetitionsKimberly Descoteaux
2/11/04Online Technologies RETAAndy Zucker
2/07/18Open Education Resources (OER) for K-12 STEM Education: Issues and OpportunitiesKimberly Descoteaux
1/21/10Opportunities for Pre-Service Teacher Undergraduates at Department of Energy LaboratoriesShay Pokress
2/03/16Participate in the K-12 CS Framework Review ProcessKimberly Descoteaux
3/23/16Participate in the K-12 CS Framework Review Process - The second review period is now openKimberly Descoteaux
7/07/04PBS TeacherLine launches National Professional Development ProgramShay Pokress
9/01/10PD opportunity for Science Educators: Mapping Science Standards to CurriculumShay Pokress
5/14/14Petition for Proposed AERA SIG - Lesson StudyKimberly Descoteaux
8/28/12Physics Teacher Education Coalition is Calling for Manuscript ProposalsKimberly Descoteaux
3/03/15Postdoctural Fellow: Modeling and Research in EducationKathryn Hobbs
2/10/16Presentations from the 9th STEM Smart Workshop now availableKimberly Descoteaux
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