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Call for Papers: Institute Projects Invited to Share Findings, Spring 2008

The Journal of Mathematics and Science: Collaborative Explorations has received NSF support to dedicate a Special Issue to the work of the MSP Institutes. Currently, the work of the MSP Institutes is being disseminated through the MSPnet, and it is anticipated that at the conclusion of each project the research findings will be described in scholarly publications. In addition, we believe that the timely publication of refereed papers describing work in progress and preliminary research findings will have great value to the field. With the support of an Editorial Advisory Board for the special issue, we are inviting leaders of the 12 MSP Institute projects to submit papers in Spring 2008.

Papers are solicited in the following categories:

Research Results and Preliminary Findings. We are interested in the impact of particular approaches of professional development on the knowledge and perceptions of the teachers who are participants in the Institute, on their classroom practices, and on the learning by their students. While their findings may be preliminary at this stage and may call for future study these papers will add to the research base in this area.

Descriptive Reports of Effective and Innovative Approaches to Professional Development. While these reports would typically contain quantitative data and evaluative information they would focus on describing particularly interesting and promising aspects of projects that would be of interest to others designing professional development programs.

This Special Issue will make an important contribution to the growing literature on effective professional development. In addition it will provide important recognition for the work of the scientists, mathematicians and educators leading the projects and for the National Science foundation MSP Institute Program. To review information on the Journal and submission criteria, click the following link to download the pdf document.