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Survey about MSP Logic Model Use - Attention MSP Evaluators

Dear MSP Evaluator:

With this email we are requesting that you complete a brief online survey about your MSP's use of logic models. (see URL at the bottom of this page)

Over the last decade or so logic models have become a popular tool used to support the design, implementation, and/or evaluation of large-scale intervention programs such as the MSPs. Logic models show the relationship between program activities, intermediate, and longer-term outcomes. (Other terms that that may be used for logic models are: action theory, theory of action, logic map, causal map, outcome line, program theory, program model, etc.)

The purpose of this brief survey is to help determine the usefulness of logic models for the work of the MSPs. It is important that you complete the survey even if, to your knowledge, your MSP has not used logic models.

NSF has encouraged the MSPs to use logic models, but logic models were specifically required only for the proposals and strategic plans of Cohort 3 MSPs. (Cohort 3 MSPs began implementation in 2004.)

The information you provide in this survey will be part of an initial investigation into the utility and benefits of logic models. This survey is a check on your MSP's use of logic models only to the extent that it helps us assess their benefit to the MSPs. It will not be used for accountability or reporting about your MSP to NSF, although we may wish to contact you with some follow-up questions, based on your responses. Findings will be reported in aggregate form only.

This online survey should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Please respond to the survey by Friday, April 21st.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Rosalie Torres at or 510-681-6567.

We appreciate your time and input to help us better understand logic model use among the MSPs.

Catherine Callow-Heusser
Principal Investigator, Project Director
Building Evaluation Capacity in NSF's
Math-Science Partnership (MSP) Projects


Rosalie T. Torres, Ph.D.
MSP Evaluation Consultant
Torres Consulting Group