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Seeking High Schools to Field Test Foundation Science: Biology and/or Earth Science 2006-2007

EDC is looking for field test teachers for 2006-2007. We are looking for teachers of Biology and/or Earth Science.

Foundation Science is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. The Foundation Science: Chemistry and Foundation Science: Physics have been field tested in more than 100 classrooms nation wide.

Foundation Science is designed to help students investigate science concepts in interesting and relevant contexts, explore concepts using differing learning modalities, develop higher-order skills of critical thinking, reading, comprehension, and problem solving, and participate in their own learning.

Foundation Science is designed to help teachers present content that is academically rigorous in contexts that engage and retain student interest, use a variety of instructional strategies that address different learning styles, assess students' prior knowledge and preconceptions, foster students' powers of reasoning, reflection, and discourse and skills in reading, writing, and analysis, and meet national standards.

Go to to learn more about the curriculum, view sample materials, learn about the field test process, and download an application. For further information, contact C. Jud Hill email: or call at 800-225-4276 ext. 2642.