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NSF Announces Intent to Establish Two New Science and Technology Centers

"The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced it intends to establish two new Science and Technology Centers (STCs) in fiscal 2005. One is a major collaborative cybersecurity project led by the University of California, Berkeley, and a second, centered at the University of Kansas, will study how the balance of mass in the polar ice sheets may affect sea level.
The TRUST (Team for Research in Ubiquitous Secure Technology) center will also have an education and outreach component to K-12 schools, undergraduate students and institutions serving underrepresented populations. These education programs will lay the groundwork for training new scientists and engineers, who, center leaders say, will develop the next generation of trustworthy systems. Students will also benefit in their future roles as users, consumers and beneficiaries of these systems. The the overall project involves several major partners.

NSF established the Science and Technology Center program in 1987, responding to a presidential commitment to fund important fundamental research activities that also create educational opportunities. The program was designed to encourage technology transfer and provide innovative approaches to interdisciplinary research challenges. In 1997, the STC program was modified to emphasize the contributions of partnerships."