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Seeking 6 MSPnet Fellows for May thru August

We are seeking members of the MSP community to serve as MSPnet Fellows for the period May-August.

Specifically, we are seeking

  • Two math higher-ed faculty to work as part of a new, cross-project working group specifically for mathematicians in the MSPs.

  • Two evaluators or researchers who will work with a new, cross-project working group specifically for evaluators.

  • Two teacher leaders from who work with a new, cross-project working group specifically for teacher leaders.

The responsibilities of an MSPnet Fellow will be:

  • to encourage constituents to participate in discussions and other on-line activities in the MSPnet Hub;
  • to moderate discussions for their working group;
  • to post articles of interest to their group to the library, or as files in the working group's file-share area
  • confer with TERC staff to evaluate the progress and quality of activities during the fellowship period, and about needs and interests of particular relevance to the Fellow's constituency.

Successful applicants will bring ideas of issues and discussion topics that would be of interest to their community, and should be tolerant of divergent, multiple points of view. Applications and nominations will be accepted until April 25th. Feel free to apply, or to nominate a colleague. MSPnet staff will contact all applicants and will select Fellows after consultation with our advisors.

MSPnet staff will provide technical assistance to get you started. Each fellow will be expected to offer approximately 3 hours of time per week to the site, and will be given a $500.00 stipend.

To apply or to suggest a colleague, send an e-mail to, or