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NASA's ISS EarthKAM Program Seeks Participants for February and April 2005 Missions

ISS EarthKAM is recruiting middle school educators who would like to involve their students in an innovative and exciting NASA education program that gives students the opportunity to take images of Earth from the International Space Station. ISS EarthKAM picture taking missions are scheduled for February 1-4, 2005 and late April 2005.

ISS EarthKAM (Earth Knowledge Acquired by Middle schools) is NASA's unique educational initiative that gives students direct access to, and control of, a digital camera mounted in an Earth viewing window of the International Space Station (ISS). Students participating in ISS EarthKAM identify places on Earth they want to photograph from space; use the ISS EarthKAM Web-based interface to calculate exactly when the ISS EarthKAM digital camera should take its pictures; submit their image requests to the ISS; track their image requests; and then analyze their images. The students' images of Earth can be downloaded for analysis and exploration within hours of being taken. Students use their images of Earth to study topics such as changes on Earth's surface, human land use patterns, and geologic processes. ISS EarthKAM is designed to enhance students' science, math, technology, and geography knowledge. All of the ISS EarthKAM images, as well as various activities and educator guides keyed to national standards, are publicly available on the ISS EarthKAM Web site.

Teachers interested in involving their students in ISS EarthKAM can register through the ISS EarthKAM online registration system at:

The next ISS EarthKAM missions are scheduled for February 1-4, 2005 and late April 2005. Participation is free.

All of the existing (16,000 +) ISS EarthKAM images can be accessed through the Datasystem:

ISS EarthKAM Web site:

For additional information contact: Martos Hoffman
TERC Center for Earth and Space Science Education