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Invitation to Beta Test the STEM Teacher Leadership Network

You are invited to take part in a BETA test of a new website: STEM Teacher Leadership Network which you can access at:  This online learning community and network is being created to support and empower STEM teacher leaders and aspiring teacher leaders to effect change related to STEM teaching and learning. You have been identified as a teacher leader or as someone who is invested in supporting STEM teacher leadership, and as such your input is very important to us.

The site is a work in progress with a sampling or content in each section. Your participation will provide input as to what you already find of value on this site and how we can make it better. We hope to learn what you  think of the design, the site sections and interactive features, and the sample content. We will use your input to make modifications, changes, and additions.  We hope to provide a fully functioning, interactive, facilitated, website this Fall and look forward to your active participation.

    As a token of appreciation we will provide a $30.00 Amazon gift card to the first 100 teacher leaders who complete both of the following two steps.

  1. Please take 20 minutes to browse  the site. While doing so we ask that you:
  2. Complete the survey at: and submit.

We view this as a site that will be co-created by teacher leaders for teacher leaders. Your input is very  important to this endeavor.  Thank you in advance for your time and input.

If you have any questions regarding the beta test please send an email to:

Joni Falk
Principal Investigator

This website is created by TERC, a non-profit dedicated to improving STEM education for all. It is funded by NSF (#124055). Content and opinions expressed on the site are those of contributors and not necessarily those of the National Science Foundation.