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MSPnet is Coming to a Close - Important Dates has been serving the MSP community since 2003! In recent years it has also included STEM+C projects.  It has been a great privilege to facilitate the sharing of research, resources, webinars, discussions, and conferences produced by this community with PIs, researchers, practitioners, policy makers and the general public. 

As many of you know, NSF will not be funding MSP projects in the future and our funding for MSPnet will be coming to a close. MSPnet staff will continue to post relevant research articles and bring you the MSP News until the end of May 2019, at which point the site will be archived and will no longer be actively maintained. 

As of January 1, 2019 you will note major changes to the site as we transition towards an archived mode. There will no longer be the need to log in as all material archived on the site will be accessible to all. Member and project pages will be modified to hide contact, biographical, and other information that might require updating. While project “Project Spaces” with abstract, award information, and project library and resource spaces will continue to exist,  you will no longer be able to post new library items, resources, or create webinars. Working group content (e.g. files, calendar, discussions) will no longer be accessible. 

Please take time over the next month to look at your Project Space and post any final reports, resources, or research that you would like to see archived on MSPnet. If you wish to obtain video recordings of selected project webinars please send an email describing the specific content to by December 15th. We will make them available to you. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns. 

Looking towards the future, we have received a supplement from NSF to MSPnet that will allow us to build on the knowledge gained facilitating to create a STEM Teacher Leadership Network site. This site will be beta-tested in January 2019 and if you would be interested in participating in the BETA please contact us. Your participation would be greatly  appreciated. 

The new site ( will connect teacher leaders, aspiring teacher leaders, researchers, school administrators and policy makers who are interested in improving formal and informal education, affecting policy, and re-envisioning the future of STEM teaching and learning. It will be one conduit to connect researchers to practitioners. More details on this new endeavor will be forthcoming along with an invitation to join.

Our thanks go to all of you who have served on advisory panels, have participated in or attended webinars, have posted to the site, or have been interested readers of its content. We look forward to bringing many of you with us as we turn our focus towards issues related to teacher leadership and research and practice. 

Have comments, queries, or suggestions? Send them to

Joni Falk, PI, Brian Drayton, Co-PI 
and the entire team