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Informational Webinar: NSF IUSE Program / Pre-Service Teacher Education

The NSF Division of Undergraduate Education in collaboration with AAAS will offer an Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE) webinar on November 1, 2018, focusing on opportunities for funding in the EHR:USE program, specifically associated with aspects of undergraduate education related to STEM pre-service teacher preparation.  An audio archive and slides will be posted after the webinar on

The NSF IUSE Program supports proposals that seek to improve undergraduate education which includes pre-service STEM education. The solicitation (NSF 17-590) states: “EHR encourages projects that develop faculty expertise, prepare K-12 teachers, and provide all undergraduate students with STEM competencies and a basic understanding of STEM concepts and principles.”

The IUSE Program “supports a broad range of projects, including: research and development of innovative learning resources; studies to understand the impact of such resources; strategies to implement effective instruction in a department or multiple departments, within or across institutions; faculty development projects; design and testing of instruments for measuring student outcomes; and proposals for untested and unconventional activities that could have a high impact on STEM teaching and learning.”

Presenters:  Dr. Kathleen Bergin and Dr. Sandra Richardson, NSF Program Officers

View the NSF IUSE Program solicitation.  

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For questions about the webinar, contact AAAS staff:

For information about the IUSE Program or proposal solicitation, contact NSF Program Officers: