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Webinar: The Role of Teacher Preparation Programs in Retention of STEM Teachers in High-Need Schools

ARISE (Advancing Research & Innovation in the STEM Education of Preservice Teachers in High-Need School Districts), organized by AAAS, will present their first webinar in a series intended to encourage engagement with current research and experimentation to advance knowledge and solutions to persistent challenges in STEM teacher preparation, particularly for high-need school districts.

Date/Time: Thursday, September 27, 3:30-5:00 pm EDT
Presenters: Richard Ingersoll, University of Pennsylvania; Courtney Preston, Miray Tekkumru-Kisa, and Sherry Southerland, Florida State University; Chris Wright, Baltimore County (MD) Public Schools
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Description: While there are many factors influencing STEM teachers’ decisions to stay in positions for which they were prepared, this webinar focuses attention on better understanding relevant factors directly in the control of or able to be influenced by teacher preparation programs. STEM teacher workforce retention study results, research design, and policy work will be shared to encourage application of evidence-based methods and inform further exploration.
Participant Learning Outcomes:
• develop a deeper understanding of the importance of studying STEM teacher retention;
• increase familiarity with what we know and gaps in our knowledge of STEM teacher retention that need to be further explored;
• recognize the relevance of research on STEM teacher retention to their role;
• identify an action step to apply something gleaned toward their own research/program/practice.