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Teacher-Scientist Partnership Meeting: A Special Event at the AAAS Annual Meeting

Teacher-Scientist Partnership Meeting:  A Special Event at the AAAS Annual Meeting
February 18, 2018 / Hilton Austin

AAAS invites you to a meeting for teachers, scientists, and community and institutional partners who participate in, organize, or want to start programs that bring scientists into classrooms.  Participants will learn about successful efforts both in and outside of school organized by a range of organizations.  We’ll examine strategies for recruiting and training scientists and teachers; using partnerships to close the achievement gap; building community support and buy-in; and sustaining efforts.  Panels, lightning talks, knowledge circles, and other networking opportunities will engage all participants.

Our partners for this special event are the Center for Educational Outreach, Baylor College of Medicine and the Science and Health Education Partnership at UC San Francisco.  If you would like to present a lightning talk about your program or facilitate a knowledge circle discussion, please contact Betty Calinger, for details.  Register for the meeting: