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Welcome to Ten New MSP Projects

Ten new MSP grants have been awarded to six Targeted Projects, two RETA Projects, and two Institute Projects. We extend our congratulations to the following PIs and to their entire staff, and we look forward to their active collaboration on MSPnet. If you wish to read the abstracts for these new projects, you can follow the links below:

New TARGETED Projects:
- Hannah Sevian, The Boston Science Partnership
- Bernadette Mullins, A Greater Birmingham Partnership
- Pamela Mills, Math and Science Partnership in New York City
- Marilyn Carlson, Project Pathways: MSP Program for Arizona Targeted Project Track
- Doris Kimbrough, Rocky Mountain Middle School Math Science Partnership

New RETA Projects:
- Iris Weiss, Knowledge Management for the MSPs
- Gerry Meisels, Florida Science and Mathematics Education Summit
- Xiaodong Zhang, Effect of STEM Faculty Engagement in MSP: A Longitudinal Perspective

New INSTITUTE Projects:
- John Polking, The Rice University Mathematics Leadership Institute
- Hai-Lung Dai, University of Pennsylvania Science Teachers Institute