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STEM+C PI meeting to be held June 6-8, 2018

Dear STEM+C Colleagues,

As you are aware, we intended to have a STEM+C PI meeting October-November, but with NSF’s move from Arlington to Alexandria, it was not optimal to plan; thus, new dates have been determined. The confirmed dates for the PI meeting are: June 6-8, 2018 (Please hold)

The STEM+C PI meeting will be held jointly with the Discovery Research K-12 PI meeting. This will be a unique opportunity for DRK-12 PIs (some of you are DRK12 PIs) and STEM+C PIs to share research and project outcomes. Cross-fertilization of ideas and findings will hopefully bring about expansion of your STEM+C conceptual work, afford engagement with new PIs to establish new collaborations for advancing STEM+C efforts, as well as provide a new potential funding source in DRK-12 for STEM+C project work (should budget cuts affect STEM+C going forward).

A Save-the-Date Announcement will be sent by the Education Development Center (EDC) coordinating the meeting, which will include—among other things— information about the registration process, which will open in March to invited PIs. As space permits, EDC will open registration to additional project team members.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Arlene de Strulle. You will have immediate contact information in the EDC letter for registration, etc.

Best regards,
Dr. Arlene de Strulle
Program Lead, STEM+Computing (STEM+C) Partnerships
National Science Foundation (NSF)
Directorate for Education
Division of Research on Learning