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Upcoming NSF Day - September 12, 2017

Throughout the year, NSF partners with academic institutions in diverse locations throughout the United States to hold NSF Days. The next scheduled NSF Day will be held September 12, 2017 at University of St. Joseph, West Hartford, CT. Registration ends 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 7, 2017.

NSF Days provide insight and instruction on how to compete for NSF funding for science, engineering and education research. These day-long workshops provide background on the foundation, its mission, priorities, and budget. Program managers and staff give an overview on proposal writing, programs that fall within and across NSF's seven scientific and engineering directorates; and NSF's merit review process, considered the gold standard worldwide for how funding decisions are made. NSF representatives are on hand all day to answer questions and to host discipline-specific breakout sessions to personally engage in discussions with attendees.

For more information, visit the NSF Days homepage: