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National Science Foundation Headquarters Moving to Alexandria, Virginia

Between August 24 and Oct 1, NSF headquarters will be moved to Alexandria, VA. Note that during the move, responses from your program officers may be slower than usual.

NSF’s Data Center will be physically moved to the new location on June 30 at 8pm EST through July 4 at 6pm EST, and NSF's Data Center,, FastLane, and will be unavailable. Please note this means that proposals and project reports cannot be submitted to FastLane or during this time. Previously saved information and uploaded documents in FastLane and, including in-process proposals and reports, will be accessible after the Data Center moves.

NSF will have a new mailing address effective Monday, Oct 2:
National Science Foundation
2415 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22314
Email addresses and phone numbers for NSF employees and NSF offices will not change.
Read the announcement here.