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Life Science Teachers (grades 6-9), Earn a $2,000 Stipend!

BSCS seeks middle school life science teachers (grades 6 to 9) interested in field testing a 10-week online middle school science unit about Body Systems aligned with an emphasis on the practices of science, disciplinary core ideas, and cross cutting concepts.

Teachers will receive a $2,000 stipend for their participation, based on the completion of all project components. Teachers who work with economically disadvantaged students, English learners, or students from racial or ethnic groups typically underrepresented in the sciences will be given priority.

These trials will test preliminary versions of Three-Dimensional Teaching and Learning in Middle School Science (3DMSS), a research study designed to measure the effects of the unit on teacher practice and student learning.

The unit will include online professional development to support teachers on teaching body systems to students with an emphasis on student thinking and maintaining coherent science content story lines. The professional development will make extensive use of analyzing teaching through video.

Deadline to apply: Dec. 2, 2016
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