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Employment Opportunity: Biological Sciences Education Administrator (Program Director), AD-0401-04, EHR/DUE (Closes: 03/22/2016)

The Biological Sciences Education Administrator (Program Director) will coordinate the management of biological sciences undergraduate education proposals and awards in DUE programs; participate in all phases of the solicitation, review and management of proposals submitted to assigned programs; conduct post-award monitoring of funded projects, including site visits and review of annual and final reports; represent DUE at professional meetings and conferences; conduct analyses and prepare reports and internal budget plans for programs and other EHR and DUE activities; contribute to the Foundation-wide coordination of scholarly activities for undergraduate STEM education; collaborate with colleagues from other EHR divisions to provide leadership in broadening participation in STEM disciplines and in pre-K to 16 STEM education research; and represent the division in cross-directorate and interagency initiatives related to biological sciences undergraduate education, including measures to keep both the content and teaching approaches current with contemporary advances in the discipline and recent findings in STEM education research.

This position is needed to address significant proposal pressure and award management within the area of the biological sciences, and to help provide outstanding leadership in the field.

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