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TEAMS Needs Assessment

The Technical Evaluation and Assistance in Mathematics and Science (TEAMS) project (, funded under NSF-DRL 1454263, is moving into its 3rd program year of developing needs-drive technical assistance materials and support for MSP and recently-awarded STEM-CP projects. The TEAMS project is conducting an assessment of the evaluation technical assistance needs of Principal Investigators (PIs) and evaluators of both NSF-funded MSP projects as well as the newly awarded STEM-CP projects. As we design our technical assistance offerings, we would like to make sure that we have given everyone an opportunity to provide input. TEAMS will be sending an invitation to NSF MSP Principal Investigators (PIs) and project Evaluators, along with the PIs and Evaluators from the 2014 awarded STEM-CP projects to complete an online needs assessment in the next few days. The purpose of the survey is to help identify topics that will be of interest and use to currently active MSP and recently awarded STEM-CP projects to support rigorous evaluations. The TEAMS project is also extending the invitation to any TEAMS members, ED-funded MSP project PIs and evaluators, and other MSPnet members who would like to take 5 to 10 minutes to complete an online survey. If you would like an invitation sent to you, please email Thanks for your continued leadership and consideration.