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New Updates to MSPnet Project Spaces!

MSPnet has Updated the Look and Functionality of Your Project Space Home Page

As most of you are aware, each NSF MSP project (as well as some NSF CE21 projects) has their own interactive project space on MSPnet, and the ED MSPs have one combined space as well. These spaces allow projects to share their work with the larger MSP community and the broader public. In addition, projects are provided with collaborative functionality (use of webinars and working groups that contain discussion forums and file managers) to collaborate with others in their project.

We have now updated the look and feel of the Project Space Home Pages by providing projects customized banners (which project administrators can edit) and promoting featured content (which project administrators can also edit). Members of a project will now see a prominent blue button on the right side of the page to post new content, and a green button to collaborate with colleagues through webinars, the creation of working groups, or by creating online registration for a project event. Project Administrators will see an additional orange button to update project preferences and membership. Administrators can also feature content on the Project Space Home Page by choosing items from the Project Library and Project Showcase landing pages.

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