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Petition for Proposed AERA SIG - Lesson Study

A Special Interest Group (SIG) for lesson study is being formed at the American Educational Research Association. This SIG will promote research and practice of lesson study, a form of professional development that is conducted around the world. Lesson study is conducted in science and mathematics, and increasingly in other subject areas and at all levels of schooling. The SIG will hold events at AERA annual meetings; will draw together reseachers and practitioners from around the world to support the practice of lesson study; and will contribute to the research base for this content-rich, long-term, collaborative form of professional development.

If you are a member of AERA and would be interested in joining this SIG, please sign the petition here: Lesson Study SIG Petition
For more information, contact Davida Fischman (

Dr. Davida Fischman
Director, Center for Enhancement of Mathematics Education
Director, Inland Counties Mathematics Project
Department of Mathematics
CSU San Bernardino