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Aggie STEM Teacher Professional Development Opportunity

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) awarded Texas A&M University $256,000 to improve instruction in Texas middle school mathematics and algebra classrooms. The grant funds 110 hours of professional development over the course of one year for teachers who qualify for participation in the program because they are not adequately prepared to teach the course(s) and/or grade level they are assigned to teach. The program consists of a 34-hour face-to-face summer session and 30 hours synchronous online training in the summer. The academic year follow up consists of classroom visits in the fall and spring, 46 hours of synchronous online sessions, and support to attend a secondary mathematics teaching conference. Participants will not only increase their mathematical content knowledge but also pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) that is necessary for effective teaching. Emphasis will be on using concrete models to engage students, develop deeper understanding, and connect concrete models to abstract ideas and algebraic manipulations. The participants will implement activities and instructional methods in their classrooms based on the experiences gained through the grant program activities. Please contact Dr. Sandra Nite, Research Scientist Aggie STEM