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Speed-Dating: A Buffet of NSF Math-Science Partnership Projects

Imagine a presentation room, occupied by huddles of eager presenters (which may include teacher-participants involved in the project) and their wares, ready to share details and findings of their research and stories of their teacher professional development strategies.  The mode of presentation is “speed-dating,” where each Math-Science Partnership (MSP) project will be allotted between 4 and 10 minutes (depending upon the number of presenters) to pitch its successes and challenges. A small bag of take-aways, including business cards bearing a QR code which links to the project’s website, badge bling, and regionally themed “goodies” will be distributed to attendees during the presentation (plan on 80). Time limits will be enforced, and no projector will be used. The session will be held in the Burroughs Room of the Westin Boston Waterfront from 5pm-6pm on Friday, April 4.

As an example: The MiTEP MSP will be introduced by two teacher-participants attending their first NSTA conference. We will have eighty small “Upper Peninsula” badge stickers or pins along with eighty small bags with donated regional “treasures” (ours will feature mineral samples, caramels, pens, lanyards, and samples of native copper). We will also be providing business cards bearing contact information and a QR code link to our project website. Because the room may not lend itself to poster displays, our poster will be held by volunteers while our presenters point out key initiatives and findings. Because this session is in the early evening, we plan to make ourselves available after the session in a suitable location for participants desiring to learn more. All are welcome to join us.

To include your project in this showcase, please contact Mark Klawiter (, representing the Michigan Teacher Excellence Program MSP) with a notification of interest by March 1, 2014.

Speed-Dating: A Buffet of NSF Math-Science Partnership Projects
Friday, April 4 5:00-6:00 PM
The Westin Boston Waterfront, Burroughs
Expect beautiful posters, rich PD resources, awareness of the NSF-MSP program, badge-bling, regionally themed giveaways, and a fast, furious, and impassioned series of project summaries.
Presenter(s): Mark F. Klawiter (Michigan Technological University: Houghton, MI)
FORMAT: Presentation
SUBJECT: General Science

Program Abstract:  Between four and eight NSF-Math-Science Partnership projects (TBA) will present highlights, successes, and challenges related to their work. Following a very brief summary of NSF’s MSP program, representatives from each project will display a poster and provide electronic links to rich compendia of resources collected during the PD phase of their grants. Additionally, project representatives will, orally and in series, share their project’s goals, a description or demonstration of at least one useful teaching strategy, key findings, and contact information. This session will be useful to K-12 teachers and administrators along with post-secondary professional developers or groups/individuals who have an interest in authoring and submitting an MSP proposal. PowerPoint will not be used, and attendees will receive badge bling and a regional memento."

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