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Webinar on the Variance Almanac of Academic Achievement

Please join the Center for Advancing Research and Communication (ARC) in STEM for a webinar Friday, June 3 at 2pm (Central) demonstrating a new online resource, the Variance Almanac of Academic Achievement. The Variance Almanac (VA) provides education researchers with information required to design interventions that have adequate statistical power and precision to identify their effects on learning and instruction in specific locales. Developed by ARC co-PI Larry Hedges and NORC Research Scientist Eric Hedberg, the full VA dataset is now being made available online for REESE and other investigators who are planning group-randomized experiments. ARC PI Barbara Schneider will host the launch of this valuable new resource for the education research community.

To register for this event, CLICK HERE. You will receive an email confirmation that will include the dial-in number, passcode, and PIN to be used when joining your event. The webinar will be recorded and archived for streaming on demand