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LMT project seeks volunteers for K-6 Math Study

The Learning Mathematics for Teaching (LMT) project produces measures for
evaluating content-focused mathematics professional development. As part of
our summer piloting, we are seeking K-6 mathematics institutes whose
leaders are willing to have a large group of teachers take two of our
multiple-choice surveys within a very short period of time. These surveys
would not be used for evaluation of these institutes. Instead, this would
provide teachers a unique and interesting context to raise and discuss
problems they found interesting or difficult. Other projects that have used
the measures in this way have reported that these discussions have been
productive. Professional developers would also have a record of the
problems teachers found easy and difficult, for future use in workshops or
institutes. LMT would use the data to equate instruments for use in
evaluation of other professional development programs. If interested,
please contact Geoffrey Phelps ( for more details.