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Seeking New York Districts using FOSS Science Units in Middle School for September Opportunity

Researchers have developed new materials designed to improve understanding among students struggling with a common learning disability. These students have a hard time setting goals, blocking out distractions, keeping organized and remembering information. The content enhancements are specifically aligned with the unit Diversity of Life or Populations and Ecosystems by FOSS. The materials support 6,7 and 8th-grade students mainstreamed into general education science classes and are meant to improve scientific reasoning. Districts currently using either unit are invited to participate in an NSF-funded research study to test the materials. Teacher stipends ($350-500), 12-17 professional development points, all research materials, training about executive function disorders in science and how to use the enhancements will be provided. Some districts will be eligible for a free FOSS kit, funds for consumable supplies or for substitute teachers. Eligible teachers will 1) have taught the unit at least once before, 2) plan to teach 7 or more investigations this year and 3) have at least some students with IEP's in their classroom.

Openings remain in the September 22 training for the Diversity of Life unit in Scotia, New York. Other dates may be scheduled with the project director pending conversations about eligibility. Please contact Polly Hubbard, Project Director at as soon as possible for more information.