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PD opportunity for Science Educators: Mapping Science Standards to Curriculum

Project 2061 of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) offers a unique professional development workshop for science educators, "Using Atlas of Science Literacy," based on the two-volume Atlas of Science Literacy. Developed by AAAS science educators, the Atlases, co-published by AAAS and NSTA, contain 100 progression-of-learning maps - the most comprehensive collection of science learning progressions to date - that present conceptual connections among the ideas and skills that all student should learn as they make progress toward science literacy.

The next workshops in the series will be held:
Midwest: University of Missouri, Columbus, MO from October 6-8th
East: AAAS Headquarters, Washington, DC from October 13-15th and,
**American Museum of Natural History, New York City from November 10-12. (The New York workshop is and designed especially for educators working in informal science settings.)