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Draft Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards NRC welcomes comments until August 2nd

The National Research Council (NRC) Board on Science Education released a draft conceptual framework for new science education standards. The 190-page document lays the foundation for what core science ideas, cross-cutting concepts, and scientific practices all students need to succeed in science, and is the first major step in the development of the next generation of science standards. Science educators and other stakeholders have until August 2 to review and comment on the framework.

With funding from the Carnegie Corporation, a committee of experts developed the draft framework and is currently gathering feedback from a broad range of stakeholders. The revised framework will be released publicly later this winter. The framework will then be used as the basis for writing new science education standards, a process that will be led by Achieve.

Review and comment on the Draft Framework, which is open for public comments until August 2.