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Opportunities for Pre-Service Teacher Undergraduates at Department of Energy Laboratories

The Cooperative Activity with Department of Energy Programs for Education and Human Resource Development Dear Colleague Letter (NSF 10-019) has been announced and is available at the link Grantees apply to the Department of Energy (DoE) for internships at DoE sites but the work is funded as supplements to NSF awards.

NSF and the DoE Office of Science are partners in this cooperative effort. In order to support the continued leadership of the United States in STEM and the continued development of a competitive, diverse STEM workforce, NSF and DoE have implemented this collaboration between the agencies' programs for the development of human resources in STEM. NSF supports students and faculty from eligible NSF projects who are accepted as participants in one of four DoE initiatives that provide hands-on research opportunities in DoE national laboratories during the summer: Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI), Faculty-Student Teams (FaST), Community College Institutes (CCI), and Pre-Service Teacher (PST) Internships. DoE approved applicants may request limited supplemental funds from NSF to support their participation.

Important: To enhance its emphasis on teacher quality, quantity and diversity, the Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program will only provide supplements to support undergraduate students in the Pre-Service Teacher (PST) Internships component of this cooperative effort. Before starting the application process, please have the Principal Investigator of your MSP project contact your program officer if there is interest in this opportunity. MSP awardees should then contact undergraduates considered to be in pre-service teacher education programs and have them apply to DoE (see

Applicants must apply to DoE first; DoE begins review of applications on February 1, 2010. As soon as notification of application acceptance by DoE is received, the MSP PI must submit a supplemental request no later than 5 PM (submitter's local time) on March 8, 2010. The supplement requests must be submitted in Fast Lane.