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MSPnet welcomes 16 new projects

Sixteen new MSP grants have been awarded. We extend our congratulations to the following PIs and to their entire staff, and we look forward to their active collaboration on MSPnet. If you wish to read the abstracts for these new projects, you can follow the links below:
Type Project Name PI
RETA Assessing the Impact of the MSPs: K-8 Science Iris Weiss
MSP Start STEM Education for All: Building a Vision for Sustaining Innovation and Prosperity Amy Moll
MSP Start The Power of Physical Sciences (POPS) Kurtis Fletcher
MSP Start Maine's Energy Future, Maine's Educational Future (MEF)2 Mary Schwanke
Phase II Math Infusion into Science Project (MiSP) Phase II David Burghardt
RETA Investigating the Measurement and Development of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Geoffrey Phelps
Institute NJ Partnership for Excellence in Middle School Mathematics Amy Cohen
Institute Leadership for Educators: Academy for Driving Economic Revitalization in Science (LEADERS) Kevin Czajkowski
Institute Louisiana Math and Science Teacher Institute James Madden
MSP Start The Atlantic Partnership for the Biological Sciences: A partnership for effective lab and field-based science Lisa Delissio
MSP Start Global Environmental Change and Local Ecosystems: A Kansas MSP-Start Project for P-20 Students Joy Ward
MSP Start ATOMS Advancing Teaching of Math & Science Hasan Naima
Phase II Greater Birmingham Mathematics Partnership Phase II Research John Mayer
RETA Math and Science Partnership - Motivation Assessment Program II (MSP-MAP II) Teacher Motivation in Professional Development Stuart Karabenick
RETA Misconception Oriented Standards-based Assessment Resource for Teachers II (MOSART II) Philip Sadler
PHASE II Teachers Assisting Students to Excel in Learning Mathematics (TASEL-M) Phase II Paul DeLand