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CALL FOR PAPERS: Special issue of The Elementary School Journal: Coaching, Teaching, and Learning


Special issue of The Elementary School Journal: Coaching, Teaching, and Learning

Guest Editors: Misty Sailors, PhD, and Nancy Shanklin, EdD

Mandates have placed teacher education at the forefront of policy with little description of what quality teacher education looks like and the most helpful way to deliver professional development content. Recently, professional organizations have espoused coaching, and states, districts, and schools have moved toward the coaching of teachers as a model of professional development in the absence of published research on the effectiveness of coaching for teachers and their students.

To that end, we are proposing to publish a special issue of The Elementary School Journal (ESJ) focused on coaching and its relation to teaching and learning. This special issue would cross topics (e.g., effectiveness of coaching, knowledge held by coaches and teachers, the relationship between coaches and teachers), subject areas (e.g., literacy, math, science, social studies), and methodologies (e.g., experimental, quasi-experimental, ethnographic, case studies). Our interest is in expanding the knowledge base on the role of coaching in improving teacher practices, and consequently, the students' educational experiences. Papers published in this special issue must be based on original empirical research.

We would like authors to submit papers for this special issue through ESJ's electronic submission system,, by June 30, 2009. We are hoping that the special issue will be ready for publication in 2010. When prompted to choose an article type from the drag down menu, please select "Special Issue." All manuscripts should include an abstract of approximately 150 words, a cover page (with the paper title only, no authors' names or institutional affiliations), and a completely blinded version of the manuscript. If you have questions regarding the content of the special issue, please contact Misty Sailors at For questions regarding the manuscript submission process, please contact the journal office at