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AAAS Project 2061 PD Workshops: Using the Atlas of Science Literacy

Celebrate April in New York by signing up for the first ever New York City "Using Atlas of Science Literacy" workshop!

Developed by AAAS Project 2061, the 2-volume Atlas of Science Literacy contain 100 strand maps that present conceptual connections among the ideas and skills that all students should learn as they make progress toward science literacy. Designed for K-12 science teachers, curriculum specialists, and other educators and researchers, the workshop gives participants a new perspective on standards-based reform based on understanding the maps, clarifying standards, changing classroom practice, and improving curriculum.

Early Bird registration closes on April 1st for the next "Using Atlas of Science Literacy" workshop, which will be held in New York City from April 22-24 at the American Museum of Natural History. Go to for complete information.

AND - coming soon:

Madison Children's Museum and the University of Wisconsin-Madison will co-host an Atlas workshop June 22-24.

Museum of Life + Science in Durham, North Carolina, will host an Atlas workshop September 14-16.

Go to for details on scholarships, registration, and more.