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State-Level Education Reform: Putting All The Pieces Together


This report draws from a study of statewide reform in mathematics and science education in eight states. These states were chosen for this study because their reform efforts were extensive and had spanned at least 10 years of support from the National Science Foundation's Statewide Systemic Initiative (NSF-SSI), with those awards in part made in recognition of the states' broader reform progress.

This chapter's goal is to gain insight into: a) the panoply of policy levers and methods available to state officials in conducting reform, b) state-level reform in its entirety, and not just c) the portion supported by an external initiative such as the NSF-SSI. The chapter first assesses the reform achieved by the eight states and then discusses the forces that appeared important in the reform process. The latter discussion concludes by interpreting the role of the NSF-SSI within the broader reform process.