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Implementing Randomized Field Trials in Education: Report of a Workshop


The central idea of evidence-based education-- that education policy and practice ought to be fashioned based on what is known from rigorous research-- offers a compelling way to approach reform efforts. Recent federal trends reflect a growing enthusiasm for such change... This emphasis is also reflected in a number of government and nongovernment initiatives across the country. As consensus builds around the goals of evidence-based education, consideration of what it will take to make it a reality becomes the next crucial step.

In this context, the Center for Education of the National Research Council (NRC) has undertaken a series of activities to address issues related to the quality of scientific education research... Building on this work, the Committee on Research in Education was convened to advance an improved understanding of a scientific approach to addressing education problems; to engage the field of education research in action-oriented dialogue about how to further the accumulation of scientific knowledge; and to coordinate, support, and promote cross-fertilization among NRC efforts in education research.