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Researching Numeracy Teaching Approaches in Primary Schools


This is the final report of a research project undertaken in Australia to investigate teaching and learning strategies that lead to improved numeracy outcomes.

"The objective of the Researching Numeracy Teaching Approaches in Primary Schools Project was to research numeracy teaching practice through the identification of effective classroom teaching approaches in mathematics for students in the early years, Prep-Year 4, and middle years, Years 5 and 6, in a range of primary schools and a special school setting, and their potential for improving student outcomes. With this objective in mind the following questions were explored: (i.) What are the key components of teaching approaches that lead to improved learning outcomes for numeracy in the primary years of schooling? (ii.) If teachers implement a defined suite of numeracy teaching approaches does this result in improved learning outcomes for students? (iii.) How can these teaching approaches in numeracy best be described to support teachers to implement them effectively in their primary school classrooms to improve student learning? The expected outcome of this project was the articulation of specific teaching approaches for improving numeracy learning in primary schools."