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The Schools that Teachers Choose


The authors of this interesting paper follow the career paths of new teachers focusing on a group of these they call "Voluntary Movers." These were the teachers that had chosen to transfer from their original schools to other public schools with improved basic conditions that included: appropriate course assignments, sufficient curriculum guidelines, efficient systems for discipline, communication with parents, and smooth transitions between classes. They also looked for schools that would allow them to more easily share ideas and resources with colleagues and receive respect and guidance from principals making them feel more like professionals.

"Although policymakers can mandate and fund recruitment and induction programs, only school leaders can foster the full range of supports that teachers need. New teachers will choose to stay at schools where sustained and consistent supports are in place, where they can do their day-to-day jobs with confidence, and where they can grow in their profession over time."

(Note: Use the link below to access this edition of Ed. Leadership entitled, "Keeping Good Teachers." Then scroll down and click the title link to read this article.)