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District carves out time for new teachers to learn


This easy-to-read paper describes the success that the Quakertown, Pennsylvania Community School District has had with their New Teacher Academy. The five-year program gives newly hired teachers a strong understanding of the district curriculum and the instructional practices to support student achievement. The Academy offers workshops, personal choice staff development, graduate course work, and enrichment and/or remediation to these teachers. Mentoring is also provided in the first year. This commitment has paid off as it has drawn new teachers to the district, helped retain newly trained teachers, and has created a set of teachers that are now staff developers.

The link below will bring you to the NSCD site. To find this paper, click the "Publications" heading at the top of the NSDC Home page. Click the "Journal of Staff Development" link and this paper can be found under the "Fall 2002" heading.